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General inventory

    • Satin
    • 1-Y

Carton / Paper Bag

    • Satin

Plastic Containers

    • Vinyl
    • Clear Acetate

Electronics / Furniture

    • Polyester

Outdoor Sticker / Vehicle

    • Silk Screen Printing


1-Y is the cheapest yet most effective way in labelling your product. It consumes the smallest of spaces and compact only a few but vital details you would want to show your customers. You will usually find these in perishable goods such as bread consisting of the expiry date, prices of individual items in grocery stores, and even company contact information only if requested. With the aid of a gun tagger, you can customize up to ten characters per line on the spot.

Satin is one of the most commonly used items used in inventory management, as it is mainly used for barcode printing. Barcodes are essential for businesses in these modern times as keeping close watch of your inventory could mean either a loss or profit for your company. For barcode printing, a computer, barcode printer, and thermal ribbons are necessary. But if you don’t plan on acquiring a barcode printer, we could also prepare them for you.Satin can also be customized and fully printed as you can see them in cartons and paper bags, items which are not necessarily waterproof but get the brand on the limelight.

If you’ve ever ordered from a water station, then you have seen the application of a top white sticker. This material is waterproof and does its job very well in terms of labelling products and sealing caps. For plastic bottles, this is also the way to go.
For transparent items such as clear bottles, you would want to go with clear acetate to match your product and make the logo stand out while allowing your potential customers to see the bottle’s contents for maximum appeal.

Polyester is one of the highest quality of sticker variants, as they have high temperature resistance, are microwavable, non-tear, and last a long time. That is why these are preferably placed in electronics and furniture for either labelling or inventory management. This is also the go-to choice of manufacturing industries. Much like the satin barcode, a barcode printer with special ribbon can be used for personal printing of this kind of material.
Direct thermal stickers are the ones you will usually see in grocery stores at the fresh vegetable and meat aisle where the items will be weighed or are already pre-weighed. Direct thermal, as they use heat to print instead of ink or ribbon, maintains its text amidst a high moisture environment such as chillers. A direct thermal printer is necessary.
Any item that is exposed to harsh elements would require it to UV resistant and waterproof, both of which are covered by the outdoor sticker. Control numbers from associations are usually used for this item. Outdoor stickers take longer to prepare as they undergo silkscreen, and are not quite as sharp for full images, but they surely get the job done.

01 Consultation

We offer  consultation for potential clients who have printing requirements. We also offer branding and identity development through our industry partners. We can point you to the right direction and the best solution that you need to use to get quality printed materials while making sure that prices are reasonable.

02 Design

Designing often necessitates considering the aesthetic, functional, economic and sociopolitical dimensions of both the design object and design process. It may involve considerable research, thought, modeling, interactive adjustment, and re-design. ...We have friendly and creative professionals to assist you.

03 Printing

We offer numerous printing services to help clients put their fresh ideas into great result. We carefully process each project from typesetting, copy-editing, markup, proofing & proofreading, screening & adjustment, production of high-quality print file are carefully executed and then sent for final printing.

04 Delivery

Effective goals and objectives are attained by balancing company targets and client needs. That is why here at National Labelling we assure that every project we deliver are quality and on time.